Recent Work

A Foot Of Turf focuses on the eroding culture of a remote island community and its beloved football team. The music was composed to reflect the wistful sadness which many islanders feel about its decline. Currently Streaming on NOWNESS.

Screen Shot 2018-05-31 at 15.44.08.png

Blood And Stones

Sound Design

Blood and Stones is a short Drama directed by Joshua Carver, which recently won the International Fiction Award at Cardiff Mini Film Festival. The film is subtle and is surrounded by a sense of stasis, so the audio needed to reflect this. The above example is the closest thing to music in the film, which plays over a montage of dunes and wind.         

A full score including Foley and post production audio was required for David Drake's Party wall. The above sound excerpt highlights a composition made for a fictional documentary which features in the background during a section of the film.

Screen Shot 2018-05-31 at 15.24.40.png


Sound Design

The soundscape for Blinko features experimental composition and collage techniques around monologue recordings by Nick Blinko, to be the skeleton of a then un-filmed documentary by production company Kamiokande.

Unseen is a promotional short for aquarium company Biorb, for which this composition was the backdrop. Unseen won a prize for post-production at the RTS award in 2018.